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Make a lovely story in San Miguel.
Make a lovely story in San Miguel.
March 20

Sightseeing aside, this is a town meant to be inhaled and experienced, lived in, not just visited, if just for a brief moment in time. Every nook and crannie is a visual delight, every path, a new discovery, every encounter with locals, residents or other tourists is a new friendship in the making, every sight, sound and taste is a sensation to savor. Whatever time you spend here will not be enough and you will be planning your return visit before you ever leave. You may be a seasoned traveler or you may be at the start of your life long journey or somewhere in between, no matter, because San Miguel beckons and as with any true love, once is never enough. You can Make one of your best days in this town, a great wedding in a  luxurious place with great views.

Many Festivals Take Place Year-Round in San Miguel.
Many Festivals Take Place Year-Round in San Miguel.
March 19

San Miguel de Allende in true Mexican fashion, fiestas are celebrated with great fanfare. Many festivals take place year-round in San Miguel: there's a film festival, religious fiestas and parades, and several important music festivals. A unique celebration that takes place in San Miguel every year in June is "la fiesta de los locos" (the festival of the crazy people). Parade floats and live music add to the festive atmosphere. The parade is held as part of the celebration of the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, but is said to have developed as a combination of this festival with the feast day of Saint Pascal de Bailon. The celebration continues into the night with fireworks. Take a mask to join in the fun. More than this celebrations are taking place in this Wonderful town around all the year. Stay in One of our great Hotels and Find out about all the festivities in Town.

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San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel de Allende Mexico has never felt better I have seen some perfect days but today is just a smashing day to live in Mexico.
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